Whether you are sub-dividing a 5,000 square foot lot for 2 homes or developing 50 acres, Design3 can help you through the process.  Development is multifaceted and varies considerably depending on your individual project. Design3 will create the schematic design of the land plan, show options for home sites and subsequent square footage possibilities as well as coordinate with our group of civil engineers and surveyors in an effort to create the development plan that works best for your overall proforma.  

The Process

  • Feasibility Study

It is important to go into any development project with a clear understanding of what is possible from a land use, code analysis perspective. Before investing large sums of money Design3 will prepare a feasibility study showing options for your project.

  • Re-plats, Master Plans

If you have a large lot that you would like to sub-divide, we will create the necessary site plan documents to send to our surveyor to begin the re-plat process.  This can take quite a while to complete so allow 4-6 months.

Master plans are a more complex process and will go through several phases similar to the home design process.  Schematic layout creates the basic flow of traffic and home sites. Design development begins to take on greater detail with roads, sidewalks and common areas defined.

  • Civil Engineering

At the completion of design development, the Master Plan is sent to the civil engineers for initial review.  Again, a process of schematic design and design development begin as the engineers add their component such as utility easements, street right of ways and setbacks.

  • Home Design

As the engineers work to complete the civil plans, we have working lot sizes to begin the home design architecture.

  • Marketing Materials

Presenting your project to the public is the next step and Design3 can help.  3D renderings, colored presentation materials, floor plan layouts, we can produce the necessary materials for you to begin marketing your project during construction.