At the heart of all architecture is design.  At Design3 Studio, our goal is to design the perfect home for you. A home that’s functional, flexible and fun to live in. We work with you to design a home that fulfills your style, livability needs and budget. 

Our team of licensed architects brings decades of experience to each new design project. Although we have been doing this for a while, we recognize starting a new home design project can be intimidating. To help you better understand how it all works, we have structured our Design Process into three main components. 

1. The Program – creating your wish list

Begin the process by making notes and capturing images of all the spaces you want in your new home.  With sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram, it is easy to find design ideas. You are creating a wish list complete with online images, magazine photos, photos taken of homes you admire, whatever works for you. Capture ideas for the interior and exterior of the home. Include a list of all the spaces you desire in the home. Are you dreaming of a formal living room, or a butler’s pantry? Do you need a study or a mudroom? Write down your ideas on rooms and spaces, including thoughts on square footage.

Don’t worry about the practicality of any one item, you are establishing a flow of ideas.  Your ideas guide us as designers in understanding the direction important to you. When we meet, we will use your wish list to build a Program. The Program sets the design process in motion. 

2. Schematic Design, Design Development

In the Schematic Design phase, we take the ideas laid out in the Program and create a rough layout of interior floor plans; keeping in mind the exterior style.  The interior spaces and exterior form work together to create the overall style of the home. 

After the preliminary floor plan is designed, we will meet again to discuss the direction of the design and get your feedback. With mark ups and your comments, we will revise the floor plans and begin the exterior elevations. 

The process now moves to more detailed design development. This includes window sizes and styles, ceiling heights and exterior material selection. The end result is a set of approved floor plans and elevations.

At this point you will have a Bank Set of drawings to submit for your bank loan and appraisal as well as a Bid Set to begin the budgeting process.

3. Construction Documents, Permit Plans

Design3 Studio will send a set of approved floor plans and elevations to a Structural Engineer.  The engineer works on the structural components (the design and evaluation of anything that supports or carries a load) while we assemble the details and documents to create a set of drawings ready for permitting.  

When completed, the construction documents are ready to submit to the city for permitting.  We can assist you through the permitting process or it can be handled by your builder. Design3 Studio will handle all city comments to ensure a smooth process in receiving your building permit.

Now with permit drawings in hand – you are ready to start the Build Process!