For a construction project to be successful, you need well thought-out designs, combined  with detailed, thorough construction drawings. At Design3 Studio, our team of licensed architects understand both design aesthetics AND the mechanics of construction. We strive to make sure our designs and drawings ensure your new home is built the way it was intended. 

Unlike some architectural firms, Design3 can also serve as your home’s builder. When working as both designer and builder, Design3 has the distinctive ability to bring it all together by guiding you through the design process, acquire permitting, create construction budgets and documents, hire quality sub-contractors – all to successfully build your home.  We are experienced at pricing and bidding residential projects, and will help you obtain reasonable pricing from interested, cooperating qualified licensed contractors.

This ‘All in One’ approach benefits you in that nothing is lost in translation from design to build. 

The Build Process

  • Establish your budget

It is important to go into the process of home building with a clear understanding of your budget.  If dealing with a bank loan or cash, begin the process as soon as possible to understand your financial limits.  The budget will help guide the design process and expedite the entire build.

  • Design Development, Bank Set, Bid Set

After the completion of the Design Development phase you will have a set of drawings and material specifications ready to send to the bank for your loan appraisal, these are referred to as the Bank Set.  The documents are the beginning of establishing the cost estimate of construction.

  • Construction Documents, Permitting

When construction documents are complete, the drawings will be submitted to the city for permitting. Design3 manages the entire permitting process.  In Houston, there are various applications and fees associated with construction permitting and the process may take months. At times, comments are sent back from the city and plans have to be revised. Design3 understands city permitting rules and will work quickly to address the comments so final permitting can occur. 

  • Construction Budget and Finish Selections

While your new home plans and documents are waiting for city permitting, we are busy finalizing your construction budget. We will pull together specific numbers on cabinetry, exterior options and roofing. We will work with you to nail down finish selections, such as window, flooring and tile. Design3 will offer suggestions for vendors and design ideas on plumbing and light fixtures to enhance the style of your new home.  All of these selections impact costs and the quality of the design and build. 

  • The Build

Our job as Builders, is to keep the build site organized, orderly and always moving forward.  

We do this by having the insight to see potential construction issues and addressing them prior to construction.  Pre-construction meetings with our subcontractors mean we start working early as a team early to manage tasks, timelines and ensure we stay on budget. 

Design3 has a well-established system for tracking progress and ensuring timely scheduling of sub-contractors and delivery of materials. A full-time superintendent will manage the daily activities of your construction, and also communicate with you on construction issues, adjustments in timing and budget concerns. 

  • Punch List

The final aspect of the Build is the punch list. The punch list is a document showing work that still needs to be done on a construction project. We will walk the home with you and take detailed notes of any outstanding issues.  The completion of these final items will be scheduled as quickly as possible and in a time convenient for you.  

We will also go over all warranties, user manuals and instructions for any equipment in your home.

You are ready to MOVE IN! Welcome to your new home.